This is a very asked question. Do people will buy stuff from my online shop, if you have the same question then I would like to tell. Yes, people will buy goods from your shop. If you are new in this business, then I recommend you sit in a quite place and read this article. because if you do not understand all this now, then you will have to face many problems in future.

Anyone who comes in this business thinks why people will buy goods from my online shop, while this shop is absolutely new and unknown for them. This is neither Amazon nor the Flipkart website. If you do not understand all these things right now, then you will lose your time along with your money.

Demand & Supply

I will explain this with an example:

selling water at desert

Let’s say you have a friend whose name is Rohan, who lives in Jaipur. Now, Jaipur is a big city. Every item gets there at a low price and whatever you need is easily available. Now you have started water Business. where you selling the bottle of water in ₹ 100.

If you say to your friend Rohan to buys that bottle of water at ₹ 100, will he buy? he will not buy it Any bottle of water is found in 20 to 30.

Now the same friend has gone to a desert and there is no water anywhere. Your friend suddenly sees you that you are selling water. Now If you sell a water bottle ₹ 400 to Rohan, he will definitely buy it because the supply is low here, in this way, we can supply every product to the right person.


When I talk about the cost, all my friends remain surprised, they do not understand anything, but today I will do my best to understand all of you well because it is a lesson that you can not understand without further We all know that we buy all the accessories from the Ali Express at very low prices and sell them at two to three times the prices at our shops.

Example: If you are selling a shocks for 50$ then no one will buy from you because if you go to a normal market you or if you buy a branded Shocks also it will cost you around 20-30$. So, why they will buy from your unknown store at 50$. This is the reason we get shocks for  2-3$ at Aliexpress which we can sell at 10-12$.

Want Or Need Products

There are two types of products Want Products and Need Products. i will explain briefly in this matter.

Need Products:

These are those products which you need on regular basis like, clothes , Ration,  cooking products. these are your daily need which you have idea from where you should buy because you know from where you will get these thing at low price. Below is a chart how people buy a Needy product:

Want and needs Products


Here Products in this category are totally different, because they didn’t even know about this product or they wont knowing they are going to buy this product. Because we will sell only those products which is not available everywhere in the market. Go and read Demand and supply Part if still you didn’t understand.

keep in mind we are selling only those products which peoples wants but they don’t need it. like we can sell a trimmer which everyone wants but it’t not their need because mostly go to shop for shaving and hair cut.

You can say these are the products which did not exist, one day while scrolling Fb news feeds you saw an awesome video and that product touched your heart and then you said yes i want this product. And finally you just ordered the product.

So, there are many ways to find these kinds of products which peoples will buy. Which we will talk in Shopify product Research page.

If you want to sell your products always remember to give Coupons, use scarcity, like we have only these much products left buy now and we will give you % discount.

So, these kind of strategies work very nicely to encourage people to buy the product from Dropshipping store.

Hope you Enjoyed reading my article, if still you have some doubts comment below so i can help you to answer your questions.