welcome, everyone, this is my first post about eCommerce business of dropshipping today we will know about drop shipping what is dropshipping? and how it works?

Guys i have seen many peoples who have made their life by doing Dropshipping. Now the question is what is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business in which you do don’t keep any products with you. There is one website named Aliexpress who do everything for you. You are basically a marketer, your work is to create Online store and choose the products from aliExpress. After choosing Product just Run ads by using Facebook, Adwords, etc.

Sounds pretty simple but there are a lot of things to do, we will talk everything about Dropshipping Business One by one.

What is Shopify Business Module?

Our first work is to create a Shopify Store. That we will learn in the upcoming days, how to create a Shopify store? I have tried many platforms but the best is the Shopify platform.

Our 2nd work is to go to Aliexpress and choose your Winning products. There are lots of Chinese Vendors on Aliexpress who have their own Chinese factories. When we receive an order on our store we don’t have to do anything they will only work for us. like they will handle shipping, Product Fulfillment.

Our work is only choosing the right product which we can sell easily with a huge profit.

How To Reach Our Customers?

After choosing the right product we have to run ads, Facebook/Google Adwords/etc.  Sometimes we don’t need to run ads. If you have a blog where you get some traffic, or you have a facebook page/group where you can promote your products and make some profit. Without paying a single penny.

There are lots of methods to get traffic by for now just learn some basic skills.

I will tell everything about Shopify Business Module I am sure you all are ready to work hard. I am here to all my secrets and strategy with you. But are you ready for Shopify business?

If you are ready to learn the secrets of  Shopify Store then I am here to teach you from Beginner to pro tips.

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