Do you have a new website and want to know How to rank a new website on Google in 2019 As soon as possible. Hold On! Competition is very tough so do you think that you can rank easily on google.

Do you know What’s the Problem of New User? and their questions:

  • How to rank a website Fast
  • Rank My website
  • How to Rank Higher On Google

If you have a website which has little to no organic traffic. Let’s think you have a brand new website or an old website which is not getting any organic traffic by some SEO stuff. Now what to do with that website. Should you leave that site? NO, you can still generate some great traffic from Google which ll help you to rank organically.

Still, you were trying to rank a new website with some different methods now just change your mind and your method too. Because you are doing totally different the way people are thinking.¬† if i give you an example you’ll understand better.


There’s a company called Ahrefs. Ahrefs provide Seo tool, They usually rank page One of Google and at the top of the keyword Backlink Checker

backlink checker

But let me tell you before they rank for this keyword they did mostly everything whatever they can do like, Link building, guiding internal Links, but they couldn’t get at the top for the keyword. But can you guess why they didn’t rank at the top for the keyword?

The reason was pretty simple because everyone was looking for the keyword Free Backlink tools and as you know Ahrefs is a paid tool. so, there was no chance to ran at the top. but when they realized, just launched  their free version of backlink tool

ahrefs free version of backlink tool

They just provided 100 free backlinks. this is called strategy because if peoples were used to it they will try to upgrade the plans and here Ahrefs can make a good amount of money. and within a few weeks, they just ranked to number one.

Now if you read the full article you should understand know that what they did to get organic traffic on their site. They just figured out what users wanted and they just provided it.

So, it’s not about building many links or optimizing Title Tags or putting the right keywords, to rank a new website It’s providing the best experience for your users.

if you want to Rank a website fast then don’t do this big mistake which most of we make. If I say Seo in 2019 is not about building links or writing content or internal linking.

Always think about the user and put them first because if you are not putting your user first you are not giving them the exact result what they were searching. Then no matter how much SEO you do rank a new website but you won’t rank.

People always ask How long does it take Google to rank a new website and then I always answer try to solve the problem of your user and you will rank on top. if you guys ask me about my website How do I get top rank on Google? then i say, make your visitors more happy on your website with your content. Like after reading your content they should not visit any other site or they should not search that term again for the better answer.

When Google Puts You Down?

When peoples go to your website and within a few seconds they just press the back button, because they didn’t like your content or your website or maybe they were searching something different. If your users are also doing the same thing then it is dangerous because google and put your rankings down. So always try to give the right content to your user.

They people just visit your site and press the back button which tells Google, Hey, People don’t like your website. doesn’t matter how much SEO stuff you do, but if people aren’t liking your website then they will put you down.

So, if you want to rank in 2019 don’t just think about SEO ON Page or Off Page side. Think about users side what they actually want from your website.