Hello Guys, Today is one of your best days. As i am going to share my personal method How to start a new blog Or how to manage Multiple blogs.

Just follow some rules which take some time but it gives me exact money. How much i give time to my all new blogs. Before i proceed, let me tell you few things, i already explained my these secrets with my many friends, but they didn’t get success, The reason was so simple they were not doing focus, they just need everything Instant.  if you are reading this Article and if you won’t apply my methods then i am sure you will not. Today my secrets will come out. So lets Start.

Guys i will always try to share some secret tips which can help you to rank your site ASAP!

Full Keyword Research

Before i start my new blog i always do Full keyword research in depth. I mean, i always search some Low competition keywords.   Everything i cannot explain here so read my Keyword research guide. In simple if i say is, just analyze Your competitor blog, you will get nice ideas.

While doing Research i collect few things

  1. Keywords
  2. Articles ( which articles are good so I can see how they have written)
  3. My Competitor BackLinks
  4. Themes(will talk down)

Keyword Research Tools I Use

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  3. KeywordTool.io
  4. Keywords Everywhere
  5. Google Trends

Purchase A Domain

Here is a very interesting part, I saw many of my friends they just buy some ordinary domains which have no meaning, or which is not showing any relation to your Contents.

What I mean is, After doing keyword research just buy a domain name which is your keyword.

Ex: if your keyword is Whatsapp short status then your domain can be “Whatsappvideo.com etc”

If you are going with less money then, you can start with Blogger.com or WordPress is best.

Choose Good Hosting Provider

Hosting provider works an important role in our blog. because if your blog ranks for a few keywords and you start getting some good amount of traffic, and you are with some low-quality server then 100% it will go down. and you will start losing your traffic and your money too. And the main part is Google will push you down.

I never use shared hosting for my any blogs. Because shared hosting Always stuck. And it always makes a big difference while ranking your blogs. so choosing the best hosting is very important.

I always Prefer cloud Hosting for my blogs. If you can’t afford cloud hosting then go to blogger.com which is the best and fastest network ever. Which never goes Down.

Choosing Right Theme For Blog

Theme the most Important part of any kind of website, do you there are few peoples who left blogs because they can’t understand the design of the blog. So, I always try some simple design themes where everything is Visible. And i always try some good and different layout, like if few peoples are using Generate press theme so I will also use but I will change the full style of theme which looks pretty cool and different than my Competitor. if I change my layout then Google will think that yes he is doing something different so maybe Google can rank me near my competitor.

My Best Themes:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Genesis
  3. Sahifa
  4. Basic Free Theme

Create Social Pages

Now we have already done a few things, It’s time to create Some social pages which are

  1. Facebook page
  2. Google+
  3. twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram

Yes, the list is big but it’s my rule 🙂 if you can’t minimum Facebook and Google+ is compulsory. Connect your site with your pages and the work is finished.

Hide Your Blog

Hide blog from google

What?? yes, you are right I always hide my blog from Google. why I choose option is because whenever I publish a blog Google automatically index so if my blog is not ready Google will get some wrong data about my blog.

When I complete my full blog setup and every process then i just turn it off so, Google can crawl my website.

Spend Time On A Blog

Now our every work is done, Now we have to give time on our blog. What i do is, i I spend a maximum of 4 months on a blog, But nowadays i do it within 1 or 2 months.
Now the question is why 4 Months? Guys, i have my own experience and i won’t do short term blogging, i do Long term blogging, so starting i take care of my blogs and after 4 months blogs take cares of me.

In these 4 Months, i target 80-120 posts with proper Keyword research and quality content which user can understand easily.

Always think what others want, and write how you will be if you are a Visitor any website, what type of content you will be wanted. or what kind of easy process of themes or anything which makes you comfortable.

Still I didn’t Apply For Adsense

After 3 months i try for Adsense because if you don’t have traffic then how you will earn or what you will do with Adsense. so Still get some good visitors on my blog i won’t apply for Google Adsense.

Guys if you guys are new in this field then let me tell you, starting you have to face some issues, but if you are going to work with your 100% then i am sure no one has the power to stop you.

Hope I shared my all tricks, and if anything new i try then i will add more data in this Post. Do share with others and let them try this method.