Do you have a Dropshipping store and still you are confused with Shopify payment gateway then I have good news for you. Today I will clear your all doubts about Shopify payments in dropshipping. This is an essential part of your online store because Shopify payment methods are complicated to understand. and I will clear the full concept of payment gateways.

Payment gateways, also known as online payment processors, are integral to every online store. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to take payment from your customers. Depending on where you are in the world, there are hundreds to choose from. There is no one perfect solution as there are advantages and disadvantages with each one. I will provide an overview of some of the more popular Shopify payment gateways.

For a good breakdown of available payment gateways in your region, have a look on Shopify.

How Shopify Payment Gateways Works?

How payment gateways Work

You have a company, and you have a Shopify store. Now you have to connect your Shopify store with payment gateways. When the customer buys something from your store customer will pay to Payment gateway and the payment gateway will send money into your Bank account.

As we are in India we have a little problem, Do you know peoples from US, UK, Canada work for them there’s an excellent payment Gateway called Stripe, but our bad luck Stripe is still not Launched in India.  Stripe has a very smooth interface for our customers; they feel better than other Payment gateways, and Stripe has excellent Bonding with Shopify.

But as some researches said Stripe has launched their beta version in India, it’s coming late because RBI has some rules and regulations like OTP(One Time Password) or like verified by visa. There are many more issues, but stripe will come soon, and at that time, our life will be smooth. But till that what To do?

List Of Payment Gateways For Shopify India

1. Paypal Business Account

The best option for payment gateway India is a Paypal Business Account. If you don’t know how to create Paypal account, then do check out some videos on youtube, or go to PayPal website and just signup for a personal account and then upgrade it to a business account. It is straightforward you have to add your business information to upgrade into a business account.

PayPal has perfect integration with Shopify so, you do not need to worry, and in India, everyone is using it.

2.  2Checkout

2checkout dashboard

2Checkout is another Shopify payment gateway, but I won’t recommend this for freshers because the signup process takes a lot of time. Where you have to talk with their team and have to explain the whole business module. Many time they reject your business. If your store is not ready or they have some suspicious doubts about your store. And the central part is. Abandonment rate is very high.

After receiving your payment, they keep your money on hold, and sometimes they try to call your customer and keep on asking them about their products and think if your product is late and by the time the customer says that still my product is not delivered then they refund their Money.

3. Paytm Business Gateway

paytm gateway for Indian customer

If you are only dropshipping in India then, it’s your time now. Because in India, most of the users have a Paytm account, and by using the paytm account, you can easily accept payments In India from Indian customers.

Creating a business account is very simple to go to Paytm For Business and create your PayTm Business account now and start accepting payments.

There are many more Shopify payment methods which are available in India, but I recommend you these three options which are best for everyone.

The FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do I Need A Company For All these Registrations?

Ans: No Paypal and Paytm still not Asking for any Company Registrations but in PayPal, there is an option to fill the GST Number it means they can ask anytime to fill it and that moment if you don’t have means they can keep your account on Hold.

2. Do They charge for creating any accounts?

Ans: No, you will not be charged for creating an account. You have to pay some currency conversion rate while making a payment.

3. Can we accept Internation payments?

Ans: yes, you can accept payments from any countries in the world.

4. Which payment Gateway is Best?

Ans: I recommend Paypal because most of the countries accept it, and they know about PayPal, and it increases your website trust.