Are you a Shopify store owner and still you are confused with Product research want some idea to find winning products for Shopify store. If you can’t choose an excellent Shopify winning products, then you are not going to move into this business.

You have to be very smart to choose a Winning product for your store. Finding Shopify winning products is not an easy task because the competition is very high and you have to think something different than your competitors. You have to keep on seeing on others store which is hot selling product

To find some best dropship products 1st, you have to Select your niche it can be A general store or Brand store or a 1 Product store. If you are starting a Shopify store, then start a general store where you can easily find your winning products.

When you decide your niche generate some products idea. This won’t be easy as you are thinking because maybe you will also find the same idea which is already other store’s have. So, you have to find something different than those stores.

Think about some products and write them in a copy now you think what the things which you wanted are. Not in a supermarket but you wanted to buy those things from an Online store.

I always prefer to choose some 15-20 Products when you are starting. The exciting part is no one can ever tell which product can make your 1st sale. So try some good, useful products.

How To Do Free Product Research For Shopify

There are a lot of mediums where you can search for Shopify winning products for Free. One of the best place is Facebook.  Are you shocked? But yes you can easily find products on Facebook by doing some searches, do you want to know how to do it,

1. Facebook:

Facebook will work as winning product finder just you have to make some searches. check the images below:

shopify winning product finder

You can use some other keywords like Free shipping, 20% off, 50% off, Today only, these are the most common keywords which you have to search on Facebook to get dropshipping winning products Ideas. After searching choose a product and go to their store.

winning product finder

After the advertisement you will see their store links, now you can go and check their store. Like this check, few stores and you will understand which product is on trending.

One more thing you can do, now you will be curious to know what are the products this Page is Advertising.  You can check that also it is very simple just go to Any page>ads and you will see running or Active ads from that specific page.  You just have to check some random pages where match their products and you will see a good product.

Before Importing into Shopify Store

  • Check the seller have minimum 4.8 Rating which I always recommend.
  • Check the product reviews, there should be few reviews.
  • Never copy other products. find your best winning product.
  • Always check if the product is really selling or not.

shopify product research

Always check the product reviews like, if the product is good or not or the product is working as it’s said. Because you will not like to make your customer sad.

You just cannot find Shopify winning products within 1 or 2 days it takes some times. You have to do some experiments on it and a day will come when you will get your Shopify winning tool which will bring many sales than other stores.

This is the main reason you should select a General store when you start your dropshipping store. Few things keep in your mind:

2. Rabbit Hole Method

I like this rabbit hole method to search Shopify products because it gives me a lot of new products which I didn’t see before, and which are unique and fewer sales.

How does rabbit Hole Method work?

Go to Aliexpress website and select a category now go to go the category and select a product. Now go below the page you will see some more products. Now choose the best product from there. Now again go below the page and it will show some unique products again select some products and like that you will find out some excellent Shopify Products for your store.

There are some paid tools to find anyone’s best product. Remember that taking other’s product will not make you win. You have to search for the best product for your store.

3. Buzz Sumo

BuzzSumo is one of the networking analytics programs that are social. It includes a rather successful networking internet search engine that assists you to analyze and find the very content. The search engine is in a position to sweep the internet for the necessary articles and then also list the very most content sources predicated on their own success rate (number of likes and shares.)

Together with the content in an issue of seconds, you get a lot of time for you to test the material for those causes it is doing properly within the media that is social. As you get insight into the factors which produce the content successfully, it gets a lot easier for you to approach and make content for your target market. Buzz sumo can help you to find Shopify Winning Products.